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Finance condition in the agreement; LIM condition; Building report condition

Pre-settlement property inspection

When buying a property, you are usually entitled to one pre-settlement inspection. This inspection is typically done during the week before settlement, although it can be completed at any time.

Gifford Devine - Property Speaking - Commercial Leases

Commercial leases

There are many rights and obligations that affect both tenants and landlords at the beginning, during and at expiry or earlier termination of a commercial property lease.

Property briefs

The new government has brought in significant changes to the property sector; we outline what these could mean for you.


In this article we explain the types of easements, their maintenance and repair, and your obligations, and what can happen if there are issues around costs and who pays.

Commercial leasing and landlord consent

If you are a landlord owning commercial property, you may want to know how your tenant can make changes to the premises, or its use of the premises, without speaking to you about it first. If you are a tenant, you may want to know what you can do without being in contact with your landlord.

Property briefs

First Home Partner scheme: on pause; Council delays for property developers; Short-term accommodation – take care; Election impact on property issues

Alternative methods to sell your property

A more buoyant market means that sellers and their real estate agents will be looking to offer alternatives to advertised price, deadline sale or by negotiation methods. We give an overview on how the closed tender and auction processes works.

What happens if your builder goes bust?

Building a new home is an exciting process. It can, however, be quite daunting with risks of unexpected delays, cost increases and, in the worst scenario, your project going completely off the rails. In this article, we discuss how choosing your builder carefully can help to give you some peace of mind as you embark on your build.

Property briefs

Unit titles legislation updates; First Home Grants thresholds increase; Loan to value restrictions eased