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Charges against Bunnings dismissed; Directors found trading recklessly may face multiple fines; Important upcoming legislation drafted.

Grounding your jet-setters

Since Covid appeared in New Zealand in early 2020, employers have navigated a variety of complex matters relating to vaccinations, vaccine passes, alert systems and workforce management.


From a legal perspective, hiring contractors has always been tricky. The onus of correctly identifying who is an employee versus a contractor, and ensuring legal compliance, remains an employer’s responsibility.

Business briefs

Topics covered in this article: unfair contract terms regime extended to small business contracts; new sick leave provisions; changes to the retention money regime for construction contracts.

Lease vs licence

Leases and licences are common contractual arrangements. Although both are similar, there are crucial differences between them which can have significant implications for anyone who owns or occupies commercial premises.

Bonding agreements

Bonding agreements can be an incredibly useful tool for ensuring employers can recoup costs incurred for training staff.

Commercial rent reviews

Rent reviews in commercial leases

An examination of a variety of clauses to suit different situations when rent is up for review in commercial leases.

Raising capital for your business

In 2020, the government introduced a raft of legislation to provide temporary relief for businesses struggling to navigate the effects of the Covid pandemic. Some relief measures, such as the safe harbour for company directors, have already expired, while others will expire this year unless they are renewed.

Having a puff at work

The COVID pandemic has paved the way for innovation, and many New Zealanders spent 2020 investing time and money into their new or existing businesses. 

Business briefs Feb 2021

The COVID pandemic has paved the way for innovation, and many New Zealanders spent 2020 raising funding for their new or existing businesses.