difficult separation

The choices that come from a difficult separation

Losing a spouse or partner is very sad and difficult, and not a time most people want to have to make important legal decisions. Unfortunately, this is the time you have to decide between your entitlements under their will or potentially making a claim against their estate. Here are your options.


What happens to rural property when relationships break down?

When the Personal Property Securities Register (the PPSR) was established in 1999, most businesses were quick to catch on that it was a good idea to register security over goods that were sold under a line of credit. What wasn’t so easily recognised is that the register was designed to also capture leases of goods that are indefinite or extend past one year.

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It’s your inheritance. Here’s how to keep it

A legacy or a gift in a will can significantly change your life, personally and financially. When a relative or friend does this, they want to show you kindness, but they usually also want the gift to benefit you personally, not other people like creditors, the Official Assignee or a de facto partner.

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Family Trusts and the Family Protection Act 1955

Under the Family Protection Act 1955 (FPA), parents have a moral duty to provide in their Wills for their children’s maintenance and support.

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Running a Family Trust

Make sure your family trust stands up to scrutiny. The Sunday Star Times recently published an article about Do-It-Yourself family trusts and how failure to manage them correctly can put the integrity of a trust at risk.