The rising popularity of limited partnerships

Limited partnerships are becoming an increasingly popular business structure for venture capital and private equity firms looking to enter the New Zealand market.

Streamlining overseas investment and consenting processes

Five new class exemptions recently announced by the Overseas Investment Office are changing the way it goes about its business.

More Crunch for Credit

Changes to the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 have tightened the rules and regulations for lenders.

The key to business survival on shaky ground

The Kaikoura earthquake late last year was a timely reminder for Hawke’s Bay businesses that we too operate on volatile and unpredictable land.

Rural property and natural disasters...

The Kaikoura earthquake late last year is a timely reminder to check you’re prepared for a natural disaster.

How to avoid a million dollar mistake...

If you’re buying or selling property, it pays for both parties to check the information in the documents supporting due diligence is accurate.

Red Alert: Farm trustees are now accountable for workplace health and safety

Many farms operate using trusts, but the changes to the Health and Safety at Work Act now make individuals accountable. Farm trustees, that’s you.

Three tips for property buyers and sellers

As always, we like to finish up the round of articles with three helpful hints for buying and selling property.

Buying a house? Don’t sign just yet...

So you’ve viewed numerous homes and have finally found one that you think you’d like to buy.

The time to listen to your lawyer is… now!

Throughout life, people give you advice: parents, friends, doctors… the list goes on and on. Hindsight can be a tough teacher when we don’t listen, which is why lawyers constantly...