Business briefs

Five companies sentenced over Whakaari/White Island eruption; Navigating financial distress; Commerce Commission win over Viagogo; CCCFA update

Can losses be recovered from a faulty building?

The High Court recently found that the construction and insurance sectors can rely on limited liability clauses when defending claims for negligence or breach of contract in commercial projects.

Photo of the Beehive, Wellington Parliament Building

The Budget 2024

The Minister of Finance, Nicola Willis, delivered her first Budget on 30 May. The promised tax cuts have been delivered by adjusting the tax brackets. The minister admitted the Budget is “tight, but realistic” and she intends to stick closely to the allocated spending.

Over the fence

Contract grazing; 90-day trial periods available again for all employers; Minimising phosphorous in waterways

Live animal exports

In April 2023, following intense pressure from animal welfare organisations, the Labour government banned live animal exports.

Significant Natural Areas

The government announced in March 2024 that it will suspend the Significant Natural Areas requirements while it overhauls the Resource Management Act 1991.

Property briefs

The new government has brought in significant changes to the property sector; we outline what these could mean for you.


In this article we explain the types of easements, their maintenance and repair, and your obligations, and what can happen if there are issues around costs and who pays.

Commercial leasing and landlord consent

If you are a landlord owning commercial property, you may want to know how your tenant can make changes to the premises, or its use of the premises, without speaking to you about it first. If you are a tenant, you may want to know what you can do without being in contact with your landlord.

Can your ex-spouse claim your property when you die?

Agreeing on a division of relationship property after you and your spouse separate can be fraught. Usually, emotions are highly charged.