When good husbandry goes bad

When rural land is bought and sold, sale and purchase agreements usually contain a ‘good husbandry’ clause.

Wages, calves and a doggy disaster

In this article we’ve got three important updates for the rural community concerning the care of people, animals and farm property.

What does the Clean Water Package mean for farmers?

The recently announced Clean Water Package has caused considerable controversy, mostly in regard to the proposed target to have 90% of all rivers and lakes ‘swimmable’ by 2040.

It’s your inheritance. Here’s how to keep it.

A legacy or a gift in a will can significantly change your life, personally and financially.

Is your business prepared for life after death?

Although many of us don’t want to consider this question, it is very important as most owners want their business to survive them.

The Trusts Bill: What will it mean for you?

Last December, the draft Trusts Bill was released for public consultation. Resulting from recommendations in a Law Commission report, the new Trusts Act will replace the Trustee Act 1956 if...

The rising popularity of limited partnerships

Limited partnerships are becoming an increasingly popular business structure for venture capital and private equity firms looking to enter the New Zealand market.

Streamlining overseas investment and consenting processes

Five new class exemptions recently announced by the Overseas Investment Office are changing the way it goes about its business.

More Crunch for Credit

Changes to the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 have tightened the rules and regulations for lenders.

The key to business survival on shaky ground

The Kaikoura earthquake late last year was a timely reminder for Hawke’s Bay businesses that we too operate on volatile and unpredictable land.