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PPSR lease losses

When the PPSR was established, most businesses were quick to catch on that it was good to register security over goods sold under a line of credit.


No enduring power of attorney

If you are unable to make decisions for yourself at any stage (either temporarily or longer term) it is important there is someone in place to act on your behalf.


Potpourri of employment law changes ahead

Last year saw many changes in the employment law sphere, with the Labour-led government delivering on promises of reform in this area.

compensation payments

Increasing compensation payments for emotional harm

People who have suffered emotional harm in the workplace have traditionally received small compensation payments from employers. In recent decisions, there has been a consistent trend increasing these compensation payouts.


Budget, budget, read all about it!

The budget announcement is an annual event that generally affects every New Zealander in one way or another. This year, it was a ‘business as usual,’ no surprises budget with the government taking a cautious approach going forward. Here’s a rundown on the 2018 Budget announcements…


Anti-money laundering

The sale and purchase of property usually involves transacting a significant sum of money. From July this year, all law firms will be required to comply with anti-money laundering legislation. Here is what that means for you.


Shareholder Relationships: What happens if you need to break up?

Shareholders’ agreements are often compared to a marriage. In many ways this comparison is true, so what happens if you need to break up? In business, breakups happen for many reasons. Here are some pointers about how to avoid a costly mess.

gifford devine

The good, the bad and the ugly changes to business law

There are three changes to business law on the horizon. If you’re a small to medium business owner, we recommend you read this article so you’re armed with the right knowledge and not looking down the barrel of a legal shoot-out.

gifford devine

Company or Trust

The two most common farm-owning entities are either a company or a trust. Often, a farming operation is carried out with a mix of trust ownership (typically owning the land) and a company (owning the rest). Both structures have their pros and cons; in this article we compare these two ownership models.

gifford devine

Director’s Drawings

Money withdrawn from the company by you as the owner or shareholder that’s to be used for anything other than for the business is called ‘drawings’. These drawings can generally be categorised as salary or dividend payments or advances under your shareholder current account.