More updates on property matters

If you have been following our articles about foreign residential investment, P contamination and warming up Kiwi homes, here are the latest updates on each topic. We’re pleased to let you know there is some good news here.


The fee is how much?

People who have secured a mortgage know that banks often sweeten the deal by providing a contribution towards legal fees. But how much are legal fees for a property transaction and why aren’t they a standard amount? We know people aren’t always comfortable talking about lawyers’ fees. Here’s how it all works.


The fundamentals of flatting

Remember going flatting for the first time? It’s an exciting time, but it can present problems for young people if they’re focused on fun and not the fundamentals.


Buying from a developer is the same as a builder, right?

Buying a house from a property developer is becoming a popular option as you get a new build without having to build the house yourself.


I wish to register a complaint: pre-purchase inspections

Remember the famous Monty Python sketch where John Cleese purchases a parrot which isn’t in the condition he expected? All too often, the same happens when buying property.


Anti-money laundering

The sale and purchase of property usually involves transacting a significant sum of money. From July this year, all law firms will be required to comply with anti-money laundering legislation. Here is what that means for you.


Bright-line extension announced

The Minister of Revenue announced an extension to the bright-line test to help keep the property market under control. If you are thinking about buying or selling rental properties or your holiday home, there are several implications you’ll need to consider before taking action.


Insulate before it’s too late

Landlords, if you haven’t made your rentals safe and healthy for tenants, now is the time to get busy. Otherwise, you will be looking down the barrel of a hefty fine.


The not-so-easy problems with easements

If you’re thinking about making a rural subdivision to make the most of the rising popularity of lifestyle blocks and farm parks, it’s likely you’ll be granting easements for access and water.


Your legal obligations as an Airbnb host

As a follow up to our article about the tax implications for renting your accommodation as a holiday home, we’re taking a look at your legal obligations to your lender, insurer and local authority.