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Limitation Act 2010

Limitation laws prevent certain legal claims being brought against a person or company after a defined period of time. They provide a defence against old claims and give certainty in relation to legal liability for past events.

Running a Family Trust

Make sure your family trust stands up to scrutiny. The Sunday Star Times recently published an article about Do-It-Yourself family trusts and how failure to manage them correctly can put the integrity of a trust at risk.

Landlocked Land

Here are three useful updates about topics covered in previous articles: using your Kiwisaver funds to buy your first home, buying homes in a multi offer scenario, and grants for insulation for rental properties. These are particularly relevant if you’re buying your first home, selling a property in a buoyant market, or a landlord.

Bankruptcy and Trusts

The present economic downturn has thrown up the problem of what to do when a settlor and/or a trustee becomes bankrupt. This article looks at possible remedies for both situations.