Gifford Devine Resource management system review

Resource management system review

In contrast to the review of the NAIT system that we discuss on page 2, it will be challenging for the government to get a consensus on the recently announced review of the resource management system.

Gifford Devine Nait review

NAIT review

The NAIT (National Animal Identification and Tracing) system was first introduced in 2012 and came into effect progressively until it was fully implemented on 29 February 2016.


Property briefs

If you have read an agreement for sale and purchase, you are likely to have seen the term ‘building report condition’. But do you know what a building report condition actually allows you to do, and what it doesn’t?



Whatever the scale of your subdivision, there is a common thread of stages that need to be ticked off – we explain here what those steps are.


The secret lives of tenants

In May 2019 the Privacy Commissioner released guidelines intended to help landlords meet obligations under the Privacy Act 1993. Following concerns that some aspects are unduly restrictive or confusing, these guidelines are currently under review.


Is your shared driveway driving you nuts?

Shared driveways are regular hotbeds for disputes between neighbours. As demand for housing increases, and as sections are subdivided, shared driveways are going to become more common.


Do trusts pay trustees’ litigation costs?

We assume this will be the case, but as a trustee or executor, you aren’t always entitled to be reimbursed for your litigation costs. A recent case has highlighted the personal liability faced by trustees and executors. If you’re a trustee or executor, here’s what you need to know.


Due diligence is your friend

In legal matters, doing your homework is the safest way to protect you from an unpleasant surprise. Here are three briefs proving the point.


Over the fence

A reminder that since 1 July 2018 all lawyers have been required to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009.


The Wellbeing Budget 2019

The Wellbeing Budget, presented by the Hon Grant Robertson, on 30 May focussed on mental health and child wellbeing.