As a trustee, what information do you have to provide to beneficiaries?

Trustees are obliged to provide certain information to beneficiaries, but how much? This question has been a continuing source of frustration for trustees, especially those who find their discretionary decisions...

As a Director, are you making the best decisions for your company?

The Court of Appeal recently revisited the critical subject of how far directors must go to ‘take all reasonable and proper steps’ when making decisions on behalf of their company.

When attention to detail goes bad, in corporate law…

Dot your I’s and cross your T’s! In business, we know we should do this but we sometimes don’t.

New Terms of Trade for Tradies

If you’ve received an invoice from a construction company or related service provider which says, “This is a payment claim under the Construction Contracts Act 2002” and you’re not sure...

Who let the dogs out?

Man’s best friend is also the right hand for many farmers, playing a vital role in the day-to-day running of a successful farm.

So you’re a farmer. Are you also a landlord?

If you provide accommodation for staff on your farm, you’re subject to the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.

Three must-know tips for Spring

With the warm weather returning, it’s a busy time around Hawke’s Bay with calves and lambs.

Before you sign… have you checked the chattels?

Moving house can be a big job. On your first night, you’ll want to celebrate with a nice meal and a hot shower.

How KiwiSaver can help you into your first home.

With rising house prices and stricter conditions for finance, people are saying the Kiwi dream of owning a home is over.

Does your property have P-contamination?

Before you answer, consider the fact that every day more Kiwis find out they have been living in methamphetamine (P)-contaminated properties.