Commercial property rent reviews could be hurting you in the pocket.

Commercial property owners are often attracted to an annual CPI rent review. Standard agreements and deeds of lease make it very easy to agree to what seems like an annual...

Don’t get caught out when making connections.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a section, be aware of the time and cost involved to get services connected: gas, power, phone, internet, ultra fast fibre (UFF), water and sewage.

Claims on Estates

In December 2015 the Sunday Star Times reported on a dispute amongst the members of the Ropati family in respect of their mother’s estate. The article contains the following statements:

Your Will, Your say - Really?

Most Wills have a clause directing the executors to pay funeral expenses as well as other usual estate liabilities.

When builders go in to liquidation

Earlier this year, Stonewood Homes went into liquidation with more than 100 homes in Christchurch under construction. This left customers uncertain as to when their builds will be completed.

Misrepresentations in property transactions: keep to the facts

The difference between ‘misrepresentations’ (which may support a claim for damages) and ‘mere puffery’ (being statements no reasonable person would take seriously) isn’t always clear.

Test the Depth Before You Jump In: Always do due diligence

It‘s standard to test drive a vehicle before you buy it, so it‘s equally as important that you also do your homework on a property before you sign up.

Legal Boundaries: Why titles matter

You have just moved into your new home and your neighbour knocks on your door. They say that your garage is two metres into their boundary, and that they need...

Time to Fence Those Waterways!

The Resource Legislation Amendment Bill was introduced to Parliament on 26 November 2015. The submission process is well underway with the Select Committee receiving submissions until Monday, 14 March 2016.

Paid parental leave changes ahead

The government has made some changes to paid parental leave, with others to follow. It’s important you know how this will affect your staff and business.